Beeswax Candles to Purify your Home

I am a candle lover. To me, there is nothing like the gentle flicker of a candle flame, providing warmth to the atmosphere, filling the air with that pleasant scent and evoking feelings of comfort and peace. I light them to add a romantic ambiance to a meal, to make bathtimes more luxurious and to make home massages more relaxing.

However, I once read that the conventional candles made out of paraffin, a byproduct of petroleum, generates toxic fumes while burning, contributing to indoor pollution in our homes. Whether or not this effect is significant to put my family at risk, I prefer to choose natural alternatives, just because it feels right.  I always favour eco-friendly and natural products over conventional ones, and the same goes with candles.

Researching about all natural candles, I found out that vegetal wax candles (like soy or hemp wax) are a great alternative to the paraffin ones. But the healthier option seems to go to Beeswax candles, that are totally pure and burn smokeless and clean. Beeswax is simply a natural wax that is made by bees and collected from the hives by beekeepers. It has a natural smell of honey, that is really pleasant. The interesting part is that beeswax emit negative ions while burning, which clean the air.


How does that work?

Negative ions help purify and freshen the air by causing allergens, positively charged, such as pollen, dust and mold spores floating in the air to be attracted to and stick to each other. The particles then become heavy enough to be pulled down on the floor by gravity, where they can be vacuumed, rather than staying in suspension where they can be breathed in and cause allergic reactions.


Luxury Beeswax Candles in Manila

I was on the look for Beeswax candles in Manila and found this local company called FÄE (Fairy in latin), producing all natural hand-poured luxury candles, which are made purely of Beeswax and essential oils. FÄE Beeswax candles comes in 4 different blend: RIVERBANK (Basil, Dayap, & Carnation), SILVERGIL (Almond, Vanilla, Amber, & Pomegranate), WINTER’S EVENING (Pine, Eucalyptus, Nutmeg, & Peppermint) and WISTFUL (Peach, Citrus, & Coconut). I smelled all of them and I had a hard time choosing which one to get since they all smell so good. I got Riverbank and Silvergil for now, but will probably get the others next time around. I like everything about these candles, from the enchanting names to the really well made packaging and the delicious aroma being diffused in my living room. I am so proud of Filipino companies creating great products that are eco-friendly and safe for our families. I will keep on supporting them with pleasure!


So, I guess you are wondering now where can you find these babies? I got mines from Philux in Rockwell. You can also buy them online at

Do you use scented candles? Have you ever considered the natural alternatives? Tell me in the comment box below :)



Hi, I am Ady! Wife to my filipino love and mum to my eurasian baby bear. Loving the outdoor, travelling and everything natural & healthy!

2 Responses to “Beeswax Candles to Purify your Home”

  1. Dafen says:

    In Thailand, I personally use BsaB, their candles are made out of Soy or Bee wax and they even have a coconut wax candle (which I have yet to try). The scents are wonderful and everything is made of goodness from the recycled packaging to the candle itself.
    In 2014, they built as well a sustainable plant, which is supposed to be the greenest in Asia.
    Definitively my favorite candle brand so far.

    • Ady says:

      Hi Delphine, Yes I know BsaB, I have a really cute soy wax candle in a coconut shell from Thailand. They are not selling in the Philippines unfortunately.

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