DIY: Homemade citrus cleaner!

Home is a sanctuary, a place we want to be peaceful, comfortable, clean and safe. While traditional cleaning products make things look clean and net on surface, they are filled with lots of nasty chemicals harmful for our families and the environment. Good thing is, there are healthier options in the market and even better, it is easy to make your own cleaning products at home! Here I will share with you the recipe of my favourite citrus cleaner. It’s easy, inexpensive, powerful, multipurpose, smells divine, you will love it!

What you need:

Citrus peels (lemon or calamansi)

Distilled white vinegar


Airtight glass container

Spray bottle


  1. Fill your glass container with citrus peel.
  2. Cover the peels with white vinegar.
  3. Let you jar sit for 2 weeks (it should be yellowish and have a strong citrus smell).
  4. Strain the citrus infused vinegar.
  5. Dilute with equal part of water.
  6. Transfer to a spray bottle and use.





Vinegar is an amazing disinfectant and deodoriser while lemon/calamansi is a natural bleaching agent, which make this citrus vinegar, great at cleaning out stains and surfaces. The acidity of this magic mix will kill germs better then any chemically made products. You can use it to clean almost any area in your house, such as your countertops, sinks,  bathtub, shower stall, stove top, oven, floor, windows, fridge, appliances and more.

The first time I tried this cleaner, I was really impressed to see how powerful it is. It removes stains effortlessly and it leaves surfaces clean and shinny. The best part? It is natural and won’t compromise your health!

Be aware that you shouldn’t use this citrus infused vinegar on marble or sensitive stones. It is always better to spot test your cleaning products on hidden area to make sure it doesn’t damage any material.

Try it and leave a comment below!



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