Eco-Luxury in El Nido! My Best Resort Experience

El Nido Resorts, Palawan, is one of my favourite places on Earth. So many meaningful moments of my love story with my husband happened there. Not only that, but the place is truly enchanting. I just came back from a few days gateway in Pangulasian Island and I am still on a high, from all the beauty I saw. Pangulasian is basically a 5 hectares island with both a mountainous side, abundant in tropical vegetation, and a 750-meters white sand beach, from which you can see both sunrise and sunset. On the Island, 42 private villas are facing the crystal clear water beach and the surrounding limestone formations. A dream!

Pangulasian has it all when it comes to comfort and luxury, it is known as one of the country most exclusive island gateway and it really is! Here, I am going to share with you the strengths of the resort and what I particularly enjoyed while staying there.

The island is pristine and the wildlife is really abundant. There is a lush vegetation where you can see monkeys, beautiful birds and huge lizards. We were even able to see a monkey-eating-eagle flying over us! At the beach side, the sand is powder white and the water crystal clear with numerous species of fish and sea life.


The native filipino inspired look and architecture is really pleasant. Bare wood, palm-thatched roofing, banig accents and drums decor make the atmosphere laid back and cozy. All indoor facilities (gym, restaurant, spa, library) have an outdoor feel, thanks to wide windows and a jungle or beach view. The villas are really comfortable, airy and spacious. Daily, you can snack on freshly made goodies and fruits: roasted cashew nuts, dried bananas, mangoes and coconut cookies. The Bathroom looks like a room in itself, and the products offered are all 100% natural (this is rare!).



Filipino hospitality shines here and the service is impeccable. The best part is that great service and activities comes with minimal environmental impact. The resort is extremely cautious when it comes to environmental matters, they are implementing many initiatives to preserve and protect El Nido’s ecosystems. They manage their waste ecologically, work on conserving water and energy, promote sustainable tourism in the local communities, offer sustainable and low impact menu in the kitchen, and much more! It feels great to see how engaged they are in their green operations.


When it comes to the kitchen, I must confess I lived on tropical fruits and fresh greens during my entire stay! I usually judge the quality of the kitchen based on the quality of the greens served, and Pangulasian is definitely one of the best place to eat delectable fresh organic salads! They set up a greenhouse in El Nido town where they organically grow herbs and lettuce (mint, tarragon, basil, peppermint, oregano, arugula, red rapid, curly green, green glory) and get their other, all organic, vegetables from quality suppliers in Manila and Baguio. My favourite catch in the morning buffet breakfast: Coconut water infused with pandan leaves, fruits and veggies slow-juiced on the spot, mixed greens topped with roasted nuts and tropical fruits in a mango-wasabi dressing (or calamansi-honey for a change). What a great way to fuel our body for a day of nature intensive activities!


Talking about activities, there are so many good stuffs to choose from! The range of complimentary activities is quite wide and you can pretty much fill up your whole day with great adventures. At 5.30 am, the resort offer a guided hike in the island’s forest all the way to the top where you get a picturesque 360 view of Bacuit Bay. Standing to the top of the island during sunrise is just magical! At 7am is the guided morning snorkeling session at the house reef where you can admire a really vibrant and colourful underwater world. Follow, at 10.30 am, an exploration of the iconic big and small lagoons. At 3.00pm, they bring you island hoping in the famous spot of El Nido: Snake Island, Helicopter island &  Cudugnon cave. If you are into water sports, you can also use any of their equipment any time of the day (catamaran, sail boat, windsurf, canoe, paddle board,…) and if you still crave for more, they offer a wide range of a la carte activities to fulfil your craziest envy!


Getting there

The easiest and most convenient way is to flight to El Nido Lio airport with the privately own airline company called ITI. It’s hassle free! The company operate from a totally different airport terminal, that is first class! Snacking (on fresh fruits) in their cozy lounge make you feel on vacation already… The ride lasts for 55 minutes in a comfortable ATR 42-500 propeller jet. From Lio airport in El Nido, a 25-minute boat ride follows to bring you to Pangulasian Island.


Hot tip!

If you are planning to stay in Pangulasian (El Nido resorts), I suggest you spend one night in the town proper first to explore other sides of El Nido. Check out the twin beaches Nacpan & Calitang and enjoy the sunset in Los Cabanos.



El Nido’s beauty will never cease to amaze me and Pangulasion eco-luxury experience is just priceless! I will keep forever in mind the swims in pristine water, the walk to the 360 view, the greens feasts, the cozy moments in our villa and the adventurous ones,  all of which contributed to my best resort experience up to date.



Hi, I am Ady! Wife to my filipino love and mum to my eurasian baby bear. Loving the outdoor, travelling and everything natural & healthy!

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