How to Make Fresh Coconut Milk

There is nothing like a fresh homemade coconut milk. The flavour is unsurpassing and on top of that, coconut is known for its numerous health benefits. I use the milk for cooking, in my soups and stews, I add it to my smoothies, my cereals, I use it when baking or I simply sip it plain. The possibilities are endless.

Fortunately, learning how to make coconut milk is easy.  So you can drop the cans and pick up a fresh coconut, widely available at most grocers in Manila, and make your own. Let me show you how.



When buying your brown coconuts, ask the staff to open it and get the flesh and water out for you. They will come back in minutes with 2 bags, one filled with the grounded flesh and an other one with the water. Doing so will save you the troubles of opening and getting the flesh out of your coconuts. Make sure you have the time to prepare your milk right after your groceries, otherwise the flesh will dry out and the freshness will be altered.


Flesh of 2 brown coconuts

Water of 2 brown coconuts

2 cups of filtered water


Mix all ingredient together and put them in a nut milk bag or a clean towel. Hand press until you have extracted all the moisture from the flesh. After hand pressing, the coconut flesh should be dry and you should have a really nice, delicious and unctuous coconut milk. That’s it :)



Alternatively, If you have a good juicer you can put the coconut flesh and water in the juicer for extraction and the juicer will be the one to press all the moisture out of the flesh.

If you have too much milk, freeze the extra into ice cube trays or zip lock bags and collect them in the freezer for quick use in smoothies and other recipes later.

The milk will stay fresh in a cold fridge in a glass jar for about 2 days. The milk might separate a little and form a cream on the top. Just give it a stir before using and you will be good to go. Enjoy your milk!


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