Mango Dragonfruit Ice Pops!

The weather is just perfect today, the sun is out but summer is over and the air is much more breathable now. Perfect time to devour these ice pops I prepared last week.  We all super love some icy sweetness melting in our mouth under the sun, but way too often these sweet treats are loaded with lots of sugar and naughty ingredients you wouldn’t want in your system. I have stopped buying ice cream long ago and thought making my own ice pops would be a great substitute. You can pretty much put anything in the maker, from your favourite fruits to the most unctuous nut milks, the combinations are infinite and it is always fun to try and experiment new flavour. Making ice pops is also a great creative activity to do with your kids, they will get even more excited when it is time to eat their colourful creations. You can even push your creativity and make some design using chop sticks or tooth picks. ;)  I have to confess, this is my very first attempt at ice pop making but it turned out so well that I thought I should share the recipe.


I wanted something bright in colour, creamy and fruity and thought mango and dragonfruit would but perfect for the sweetness and colour and adding coconut milk would help achieve the creamy texture. That’s it: dragonfruits, mango and coconut, basically, that’s 100% fruits!!!  So, go ahead and don’t hesitate to eat them all in one sitting. :D

Ingredients (for 10 ice pops)

2 mangoes

1 dragonfruit

1 cup of coconut milk (find the recipe here)


Blend 2 mangoes with 1/2 cup of coconut milk and fill two third of the ice pop maker with the preparation.

Blend 1 dragonfruit with 1/2 cup of coconut milk and continue filling the ice pop maker to the top.

Freeze and enjoy!


Let me know how you love these bad boys! :)


Hi, I am Ady! Wife to my filipino love and mum to my eurasian baby bear. Loving the outdoor, travelling and everything natural & healthy!

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