Raw Vegan Tropical Parfait

There is no better feeling than breaking the fast with some nutritious, delicious and satisfying food in the morning. My latest breakfast addiction is this tropical fruit parfait recipe! I start preparing it the night before and assemble it as soon as I get out of bed. On top of being delicious, I like that it doesn’t involve any cooking and doesn’t take much time to assemble in the morning. Most of the tasks can be done ahead of time (slicing fruits, preparing the raw crumble and the chia pudding). Keep in mind also that this recipe is not limited to breakfast only, you can serve it as desert or merienda. Why not bring it in small individual jars to gatherings, and be sure to impress?

 Tropical Fruit Parfait Recipe


 Ingredients: (Good for 3 parfaits)

1 cup of pineapple, sliced into cubes

1 cup of mango, sliced into cubes

1 cup of red dragonfruits, sliced into cubes

Chia Pudding:

3 tbsp of chia seeds

1 cup of coconut milk

2 drops of vanila extract

1 tsp of coconut nectar

Raw Crumble:

4 dates

1/3 cup pilinuts

1 tbsp Flax seeds


3 Tbsp of Coconut cream

3 mint leaves



1) You can chose to prepare your own coconut milk or rather go for store bought instead. I personally prefer homemade fresh coconut milk, since it tastes way better. We have the luxury to live in a country abundant in coconuts, so might as well take advantage of it! To make your own coconut milk, here is how to proceed. I usually prepare the coconut milk ahead of time and set it in the fridge. A few hours later, the milk will separate a little and form a cream on the top. I scoop out some of that cream as topping later on!

2) To prepare the chia pudding, you just have to combine all the ingredients together and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

3) To prepare the raw crumble, combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until you obtain a crumble-like consistency.

4) Assemble the parfait by altering the layers of fruits, chia pudding and raw crumble. Top it with a tablespoon of coconut cream and a leaf of mint.

5) Serve and Enjoy!parfait6

 Tip to save time:

Make a big batch of raw crumble and store it in a sealed mason jar. You can store it at room temperature for several weeks since all ingredients have a long shelf life anyway. That way, you have a ready to eat crumble each time you need it without having to get your food processor out of the pantry. Add a few spoon-fulls of raw crumble to your parfait or also into your smoothie, fruits, yoghurt, or just as is ;)

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