Rejuvenating Spirulina Face Mask: Rose & Green Tea!

Ahhhhh face masks… I just adore the feeling of pampering my skin with wonderful ingredients and let it soak up all the goodness out of it :) When you choose the ingredients wisely and put some love into it, the experience is just divine.  Here I will share with you one of my favourite facial mask recipe, I called it my Rejuvenating Spirulina Face Mask with Rose and Green Tea infusion. Sounds amazing right? It feels even better…

I guess you have heard of Spirulina? That ancient superfood algae considered as one of the most nutrient densed food on the planet. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, enzymes, and probiotic and more protein per gram than any other known food (If you haven’t incorporated it into your diet yet, you should start now). Spirulina is also equally amazing when applied straight on the skin. More and more, this ultimate health ingredient has been used in the beauty products industry for its numerous properties:  Skin cells rejuvenation, acne and dark circles elimination, wrinkles reduction, and much more. Knowing that, I started to incorporate the blue-green algae in my homemade beauty concoctions and I have been loving the impact it has on my skin: clear & glowing!


Rejuvenating Mask: Active Ingredients and Properties

What’s in the mix? Only goodness, promise!

Green Clay: Draw toxins and other impurities out of the skin.  At the same time, the minerals in the clay are absorbed into the skin giving your face a wonderful feel and natural glow.

Honey: Has antibacterial properties and is a natural humectant. It attracts and retains moisture from the skin.

Rose Infusion: Helps balancing and nourishes the skin.

Green Tea Infusion: Rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidation. It is very hydrating, and soothing.

Spirulina Powder: Rich in beta-carotene, minerals and amino acids. It is nourishing and moisturising to the skin and helps rejuvenate damaged skin and strengthen skin tissues.

Patchouli Essential Oil: Regenerates skin cells, while tightening and toning the skin. It has skin balancing properties by regulating sebum production and by calming inflammations.

IMG_9701 Rejuvenating Spirulina Mask Recipe


1 tbsp of spirulina powder

1 tbsp of green clay

2-3 tbsp of rose infusion (2 tbsp of rose petals or 12 rose buds)

2-3 tbsp of green tea infusion (1 tea bag or 1 tbsp of green tea)

1/2 tbsp of organic raw honey

1 drop of patchouli essential oil


Where to find?

I get my green clay and green tea from healthy options.

My organic raw honey from chlorophyll in the Sunday market in Legaspi.

I buy my spirulina powder from the healthy grocery, here.

The patchouli essential oil from Sonya’s garden in Tagaytay (she makes her very-own organic essential oil, with flowers that she grows in her garden!)

For the rose petals, they are not easy to find in Manila. I actually got mine from the States (online). If you have issues finding this ingredient, you can substitute the rose infusion with more green tea infusion.



Prepare ahead the rose infusion and green tea infusion.

Rose infusion: Take 2 tbsp of rose petals and infuse in 200ml of hot boiling distilled water (free from impurities and microorganisms). Infuse for at least 10 minutes. Let it cool down.

Green tea infusion: Take 1 tea bag and infuse in 200 ml of hot boiling distilled water. Infuse for at least 10 minutes. Let it cool down.

Mix the green clay together with the honey until reaching a very smooth texture.

Add the rose and green tea infusion slowly.

Add the spirulina powder and 1 drop of parchouli essential oil.

Leave the clay to activate for at least 20 minutes before use.

Note, you can use the remaining rose and green tea infusion as a facial toner!



How to use:

Apply a layer of mask with your finger tip on moist and cleansed face. Be sure to avoid eye area. Wait for 10 minutes and relax. Gently wash away the mask with warm water. Tone and moisturise as usual.


Be aware that metal messes up with the electrical charges of the clay. Instead of metal, I recommend using a plastic or wooden spoon while making that mask such that the clay remains fully active!

face mask

Here I am, in my green and muddy glory!.

Hi, I am Ady! Wife to my filipino love and mum to my eurasian baby bear. Loving the outdoor, travelling and everything natural & healthy!

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