Secret Ingredient Smoothie Bowl!

You might think I am going a little overboard with this recipe but you really have to trust me on this one, it does taste wonderful! Look at that beautiful colour and texture, an icy frosty minty blue-green: its uniqueness will amaze all your senses at once. You probably haven’t eaten anything coming close to this and that’s the beauty of it all. Introducing plant-based meals into one’s diet doesn’t have to be boring, bland and unappealing. On the contrary, it should be the start of a whole new world of experiences, where herbs, spices and magical plants come into play to give you a taste of wholesomeness at many levels (There is way more to it than a great taste).


Going back to my icy frosty minty blue-green smoothie, I am happy to let you know that it contains a fiber rich vegetable, which you will never guess! My super secret ingredient for this one is a frozen zucchini! Yes, you read me well, I sneaked in an entire zucchini into my morning breakfast bowl! How weird? Not really…! Zucchini gives it an excellent nutrient boost without any change in flavour. Try it for yourself, you won’t taste any zucchini in there.


I love how versatile zucchinis are, they are pretty mild in flavour but rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers, making them the perfect ingredient for many sweet or savoury preparations. Zucchini bread, muffins, noodles, hummus, cake, loaf, patties,… you can pretty much “zucchini” anything! We all know how incredibly beneficial to the health it is to intake large quantities of vegetables in a day, but many of us still encounter challenges reaching the minimum daily servings required. Therefore, squeezing in zucchini in your food preparation is a good piece of advice to those seeking for ways to boost their veggies intake without compromising flavours.

Although I have been passionately using zucchini in my food preparations since ages, I must admit that adding it to my smoothie bowls has been a totally new discovery this past year. Zucchini can replace bananas to create a smoothie lower in carbohydrate and sugar, or can replace avocados to make it lower in fat, depending on what your specific needs are. Although fresh zucchini perfectly works for this recipe, I find the texture of blended frozen zucchini more pleasant to my taste. Frozen zucchini makes the texture thick and creamy just like banana or avocado would do.


Now what gives my smoothie this gorgeous minty blue-green colour? You should know by now… :) It is spirulina! One of the most nutrient densed food on the planet, packed with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, enzymes, and probiotic and more protein per gram than any other known food. Spirulina contains all the amino acids, essential to everyone but even more to those on a strict plant-based diet. If you are not familiar with spirulina and don’t know how to use it in your food preparation, this recipe is a great starter.


Secret Ingredient Smoothie Recipe


– 1 Frozen banana

– 1 Frozen Zucchini

– 1 Cup Coconut Milk

– 2 Medjol dates

– 2 Tbsp of Cashew nut butter

– 2 Tbsp Chia Seeds

– 1 tsp Spirulina


Add all the ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth and creamy.

Top with your favorite toppings (Shredded coconut, superfoods, seeds, cut fruits,…).



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