The farm at San Benito, my piece of paradise!

I have been travelling a lot in my life, but I have never experienced something like The Farm before. The Farm is a vegan wellness retreat resort in the middle of a property of 50 hectares of jungle looking land, 90 minutes drive away from Manila.  “Farm”, “Vegan”, “Wellness”, “resort”. It sounds really good, right?



About a year ago, while pregnant, I read about the farm in a magazine and thought it would be the perfect gateway to relax and pamper myself without having to travel too far. My husband and I, decided to give it a try and spend a few days of Babymoon (yes, “Babymoon”!) there. Here is what we discovered:


– The resort is actually a huge garden of abundant tropical vegetation. Mango trees, coconut trees, frangipani trees, bougainvillaea and hibiscus are my favourite! Ducks and peacocks walk around the whole resort freely and it feels like we live in harmony with each others in the middle of nature.

– The facilities are really high standard and everything is consciously thought through.  Their pools are breathtakingly beautiful (3 of them) and are treated naturally with salt (no chlorine). The gym have windows everywhere and is overlooking the jungle. The  yoga pavilion has the most stunningly scenic view you can think of. The spa feels so serene and welcoming, therapists create mandala with fresh and colourful flowers everyday.  The rooms are really comfortable, and most bathroomshave an outdoor rain shower. The soap, oil and scrubs are made in house with ingredients 100% natural and organic. Now visualise yourself showering in the nature; your body is totally oiled up with coconut from hair to feet and it smells like lemongrass essential oil everywhere. The feeling is pretty amazing!facilities-1024x205

– The restaurant “Alive!” serves you nothing but organic vegan goodness, they even have fully raw options. Salads and herbs are handpicked from the garden next to it; Butter, milk and cream are made out of coconuts and other nuts; Cold pressed detox juices comes in all colour and blend. This is the type of dining experience that really makes you feel Alive!


– The healing sanctuary offers an extensive menu of signature treatments,  massages, body scrubs, body wraps and other beauty treatments, using only homemade fresh 100% natural organic products. The coconut (from which they extract milk, fiber and oil), together with the coffee and cocoa used in their products are grown in the soil of the Farm itself. The Farm also offers integrated medical services, such as intravenous vitamin infusions, colon hydrotherapy and acupuncture. They have it all!


– Daily complimentary activities includes yoga, pilates, meditation, outdoor exercise, circuit training, fitness, power walk, aqua aerobics, fresh floral arrangement, raw food preparation class, horticulture walk (healing herbs), oil of life tour (coconut oil and soap making), lectures,..I loved every single one of them!


Our first stay at the farm was such a delight for our mind and body.  We found internal peace while being surrounded by beauty. I personally have always been on a quest to living the healthy life, but I never found a place fully dedicated to the healthy lifestyle before. Everything there is pure harmony. We went back to the Farm 3 times since our babymoon! We really enjoy spending family time there and soothing away the stress of city life. The Farm is my ultimate piece of paradise on earth (and it is just 90 minutes away from home). It helps me recenter and connect with nature, it inspires me to achieve great things, it makes me feel alive and wonderful. Have you ever experienced anything like it? Let me know where are your little pieces of paradise!






Hi, I am Ady! Wife to my filipino love and mum to my eurasian baby bear. Loving the outdoor, travelling and everything natural & healthy!

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