Thick & Creamy Raw Coconut Yoghurt (Dairy Free)

For all the Yoghurt lovers out there, here is a delicious dairy free alternative to traditional yoghurt. It is much healthier and way more affordable than what you buy from the stores. It is also really easy to prepare, all you need is to follow the instructions I will be giving below.

This recipe is made of 2 simple ingredients:

Young Fresh Raw Coconut :  Coconut offers a spectrum of benefits to your body; it provides a quick energy boost,  it is rich in dietary fibers, has specific fats that help destroy pathogens and strengthens your immune system. They are so many articles out there about how great coconut is to the human body and how it can heal so many ailments. Just read up!

Probiotics : Good Bacteria are essential to your digestive health. They line your gut and are responsible for nutrient absorption and supporting your immune system. A lack of probiotics can bring many side effects such as digestive disorder, candida, autoimmune disease, frequents colds and flus. Originally, we were consuming lots of probiotics in our diet by fermenting food as a way to preserve it. Nowadays, it is common to lack in some good bacteria, so we should be extra mindful and consume food rich in probiotics such as homemade yoghurt (what you buy in stores don’t have as many bacteria), kefir, sauerkraut, Kimchi,…

Coconut Yoghurt Recipe



Flesh of 5 coconuts (buko) – The flesh should be hard and not too watery

Coconut water (to achieve desired consistency)

4 Probiotic capsules


Blend the flesh together with the probiotics. Add a little bit of coconut water until you achieve the desired consistency for your yoghurt.

Place in a glass jar while keeping an allowance for the yoghurt to expand (2/3). Secure the lid and let your yoghurt sit in a warm place for 12 to 24 hours. Letting the jar sit at room temperature in a kitchen counter is perfectly fine in the Philippines! Our tropical warm weather will do the trick, without having to use an oven or any yoghurt maker :) I personally prepare my yoghurt in the evening and let it sit overnight. In the next Morning, it is ready to devour and fit to my taste. The longer you let it sit, the more tangy the taste will be.

Your yoghurt will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge if you store it in a sealed glass jar.

You can mix some essences, fruits or sweeteners in the yoghurt just before you eat it. That way, you never get tired of eating the same thing over and over again.  I love the combination of lime and vanilla to the mix, sweetened with a little bit of coconut nectar. Another favourite of mine is the very obvious mango coconut yog! Note that the original yoghurt base must be extra thick for this one, since blending the base with a mango will liquify your yoghurt.


Do not use any metallic utensils while making your coconut (Many thanks to the healthy Pinay for pointing this out). The last time I used a metallic spoon, my yoghurt turned into a pinkish liquid. Not appealing at all!




Hi, I am Ady! Wife to my filipino love and mum to my eurasian baby bear. Loving the outdoor, travelling and everything natural & healthy!

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